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ericasanchezperiodistaemprendedoraMy name is Erica Sánchez, I am a digital journalist, entrepreneur and a Tow-Knight 2017 Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellow at CUNY, City University of New York. During 2016 I was selected and graduated as a Member of the Made in New York Media Center, Creative Founders Lab.

Also a Member of Google’s Women Techmakers Program.

I am the Director (and Founder) of an online media, specialized in meteorology and science, where I work as an editor and product manager. I also worked during two years as a contributor & translator at BuzzFeed Español.

My latest project is a media outlet and weekly newsletter to educate and bring solutions for climate change through a positive approach.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied journalism and started to work in media at the age of 22.

I worked for several national publications including TXT (Revista Textual), Diario PERFIL during three years (as a crime-investigative reporter), Revista Viva (Grupo Clarín), Revista Rumbos (Grupo La Nación) and Diario Río Negro, among others.

I also worked as a Senior content marketing writer for one of the most innovative digital agency in Argentina (2005-2007), where I’ve learned almost everything I know about the web: social media, creativity, SEO and digital marketing. In WebAr, I worked for international accounts like Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, and General Motors.

In 2009 I won the “Best Article of the year (2008) Award” for DIARIO PERFIL. In 2012 FNPI – Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano de Gabriel García Márquez- honored me with a fellowship in “Digital culture in cultural journalism” with Gumersindo Lafuente and Olga Lucía Lozano, in Mérida, México.

How do I define myself? A problem-solver and a creative human, really interested in learning more about digital and entrepreneurial journalism, media innovation and everything related to technology and new ways of communication.

Married and in love with a meteorologist. Mother of a dachshund dog.

My daily interests: Startups. Media. Smart Cities. Travel. Human Behavior. Technology, trends and design.

You can find my resumé here

My clipping here


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