The latest guide to visit Bariloche in Patagonia Argentina

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When I decided to move to Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina 9 years ago (wow! time flies!) one of the things that played an important role was definitely the landscape and the peace of mind. It was a special, quiet place surrounded by lakes and mountains where you could feel the presence of the Universe in one place.

It was an important moment in my life, specially because I grew up in a big city and I really have no clue of how life in an extreme place like this was. In Bariloche, you have to learn not only how to live in a cold and windy weather, but you also need to understand how to survive in the countryside in a Latin-American country, where services (electricity, Internet, or natural gas for instance) will never work like in the city. 

In Bariloche, I also learned everything about how to survive in a "touristic city". So, because it's time to share, here I am leaving you some important tips that I know you're gonna appreciate if you are visiting this city for the first time because you are not going to find them in any guide: 

  • The weather in Bariloche and Patagonia, in general, is usually cold. I can tell you this, not only because I am married to a meteorologist and my main venture is related to local weather, but because you are gonna need a jacket even if you are visiting during the summer. January is usually hot and February is coldish, meaning that 25º C does not really feel like 25ºC . 

  • If you are visiting during the summer, please be aware of hantavirus and chaquetas amarillas. Hantavirus is a disease similar to a cold or flu, but actually preety dangerous. Chaquetas amarillas are small wasps that could potentially bite you. The point is that they are really poisonous and you can't know if you are allergic to them until they bite you! So, please, be aware of them, particularly if you are eating meat or something sweet.

  • It is completely true that you'll need a car. Two important things about it: rent a cars are really expensive. And, even if you can afford it, please, please, pleeeeease, don't leave your belongings in the car. Local thiefs already know which cars are rented and the most common crime is to steal completely everything that you have in the car.

  • Other nearby places are stunning and worth to visit: Villa La Angostura, Villa Traful, Manso River and the little towns around 7 Lagos Area. Please, don't leave this part of my country without visiting them. 

  • Because of the European influence, chocolates and smoked products are popular and delicious! My fav: (unfortunately they don't pay me! to tell you this :-D) Mamushka, Rapa Nui, and Torres. Smoked products: Weiss is the best and most professional one. 

  • Tea houses: All right. You'll find coffee shops and A MASSIVE amount of local breweries. But, tea houses are also beautiful and nice places to spend the afternoon. The best places are: Llao Llao Hotel & Spa where you can drink tea with probably one of the most beautiful views in the world; Chiado (my fav), a small tea house with delicious pastries, and Bellevue. In this last case, I need to be completely honest with you guys: I don't like this place at all. I've been here several times and, of course, the view is fantastic, but the service is really bad. Last time I was there it took them 2 hours to bring me a coffee with a piece of cake and honestly it was not good at all. Avoid it if you can. 


  • Please pay attention to the flowers. I know it sounds silly but flowers here are wild and beautiful. Like a natural expression of paradise. So, if you can, pay attention to them. I know you're gonna enjoy the clean air. 

Forest in Patagonia Argentina! #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Tell me, did you visit Patagonia? What do you think of it?