Where To See The Best Doors of Ireland?

Ireland and Dublin's doors are really famous around the World. The main and most obvious reason is that they are astonishingly beautiful, but also because they were blessed by the magic of New York. What? Yes. Apparently, they were always there, but it wasn't until 1970 during Saint Patrick's day in NYC when a colorful collage of Dublin doors appeared in the window of the Irish Tourism offices on Fifth Avenue and they become famous. 

I don't think there is only one way to visit Ireland. So definitely, one creative way to understand their people is by taking a look at their doors. I deeply believe that cities express themselves and have their unique personality, and Ireland definitely can explain more about it by the color of its doors.

So, Where can you see the most beautiful doors in Dublin?

  • Merrion Square

  • Fitzwilliam Square

  • Saint Stephen's Green

  • Baggot Street

  • Leeson Street

Howth, a small town near Dublin can also offer great doors if you are looking to start your own collection.

Did you visit them? Where do you think are located the most beautiful ones?

Here it is mine: